Wrinkle Remover

Over The Hill

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  • Removes tough wrinkles
  • Removes everything, actually
  • Hilarious gag gift
  • Hot facts
    This jumbo Wrinkle Remover is a hilarious gag gift that any birthday boy or birthday girl who's over the hill will appreciate!

    Item Description

    Even though this is a party celebrating their increasing age, the best gifts you can get them are gifts that will help them feel younger again. Like this wrinkle remover! It is definitely 100% effective at removing wrinkles, and it is definitely not just a giant eraser that will have no effect whatsoever on human skin. This item is all about making them look and feel younger, and not just a hilarious way to call attention to their old age. As funny a gag as that would be, it would be mean, and that’s not what we’re encouraging at all. Nope. Of course not.