Too Pooped to Party Candle

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The Too Pooped To Party Candle from is a hilarious novelty candle that the 40th birthday boy or girl will love on their cake.
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  • Too Pooped to Party Candle
  • A funny novelty candle for those turning 40
  • Long-lasting

  • Item Description

    I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty tired of seeing regular birthday candles every year. They just stand there, perfectly straight, no sign of back pain whatsoever, as if to mock us for the fact that we can’t stand up that straight any more. Not only that, but there’s a new one each year, like they keep calling their friends to come make fun of us with them. The nerve of these spritely young candle whippersnappers!

    But finally, at long last, there’s a candle we can be comfortable with, because it looks exactly like we feel. The Too Pooped to Party Candle features a bald middle-aged man slumped right over the number 40. He’s not even going to bother trying to stand up straight - what’s the use in that, anyways? He’s just going to melt either way. Boy, can I relate to that feeling!

    Not to mention, those regular candles really show how young and naive they are by burning out so quickly. But this guy? He may be too pooped to party, but he can hang out and lie around all day and night long. By the time this candle’s finished burning, you might need a new one with the number 50 on it instead!