Sudoku Toilet Paper

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The Sudoku Toilet Paper from is a great way to keep yourself occupied while sitting on the porcelain throne.
Hot facts
  • Sudoku Toilet Paper
  • Standard sized toilet paper roll
  • A new puzzle on every sheet

  • Item Description
    When you get to be our age, you might find yourself sitting on the toilet a bit longer than you used to. And when you find yourself sitting on the toilet for longer periods of time, you might start to notice just how boring sitting in a bathroom can be. Unless you’re sitting in the graffiti paradise that is the stalls at a seedy downtown nightclub - and for the sake of your wellbeing, we certainly hope you aren’t - there isn’t a whole lot to look upon from the seat of the porcelain throne. Sure, you could get a book of crossword puzzles, but those get pretty old after a while, and they start to pile up uselessly once you’re done with them. And who even knows what an “Erato” is, anyways? If you want a fresh new alternative to keep your mind sharp and occupied while your body’s indisposed, look no further than Sudoku Toilet Paper. Sudoku is a Japanese number grid puzzle that’s gained a lot of popularity in the rest of the world in recent years. Each square of this standard-sized roll of toilet paper has a separate Sudoku puzzle on it, so you’ll never run out of puzzles to do. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about the finished puzzles cluttering up your bathroom, as you can just use it for its other function and flush it away when you’re done! Or, if you’re really proud of your numerical wizardry, you could frame it and hang it up, but we really wouldn’t recommend that if you’ve also used it as toilet paper. We’re not really sure how you’re supposed to fill out the puzzles, as our pens just poked through the toilet paper every time we tried. Maybe you could put one of those useless old crossword puzzle books behind the paper so the pen can’t stab through. Oh, and for future reference, Erato is the lyre-playing Greek muse of poets, as well as a very convenient crossword clue with three different vowels in a five letter word. Not that you’ll ever need to know that again, since it’s highly unlikely for a five letter word to appear in a Sudoku puzzle. One standard-sized roll of toilet paper.