Senior Citizen Safety Vest

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  • Bright Orange
  • Covered in Warning Signs
  • One Size Fits All
  • Hot facts
    The Senior Citizen Safety Vest is a bright orange vest covered in warning signs to alert everyone to your presence to keep you and your guests safe from your senility!

    Item Description

    Don’t leave the house without it! The Senior Citizen Safety Vest is a vital accessory for any senior citizen who’s still functional enough to wander the world by themselves. It’s covered with warnings for those around you, drawing attention to everything from your possible senility to the toxic fumes that may emit from your rear. A younger person might be embarrassed to have all these warnings all over their body, but not you! You outgrew all sense of embarrassment a long time ago. Right around the same time you outgrew your ability to control your bladder.

    One size fits all.