Retirement Pimp Cup

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  • Rhinestone-studded
  • Reusable
  • Holds 26 oz
  • Hot facts
    Your coworker is finally retiring, and with that has earned some privileges - like drinking out of the awesome Retirement Pimp Cup!

    Item Description

    Your coworker is officially retired now! That means there’s a lot of things they won’t have to put up with any more. No more sitting through 4 hour meetings that could have been an email. No more pretending the customer is always right. No more drinking out of those flimsy paper triangles stacked by the office cooler. In fact, to celebrate that last one, we’ve got a major upgrade from those paper triangles that they can enjoy right away: the Retirement Pimp Cup!

    This large plastic chalice is bedazzled with rhinestones that read “Officially Retired,” so the retiree can flaunt their newly retired status for all the office to see! Whether you get it for them to use at their retirement party or just as a gift for them to enjoy for the rest of their work-free days, they’re sure to love drinking anything and everything out of this regal cup.

    Holds approximately 26 oz (768 mL) of liquid.