Rainbow 60 Confetti

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  • Shaped like the number 60
  • Very colorful
  • Approx. 1/2 Oz.
  • Hot facts
    Confetti is an excellent way to instantly turn any space into a festive party place, and this Rainbow 60 Confetti is perfect for a 60th birthday!

    Item Description

    You know what’s really annoying? Confetti. You know what else is really annoying? Getting old. So, naturally, they’re a perfect fit for each other, don’t you think? This Rainbow 60 confetti features the number 60 in seven different colors, so it should go quite nicely with whatever other party decorations you set out. If you’re feeling like the room is a little light on decorations for the party (though hopefully it shouldn’t, since we’ve got hundreds to choose from!), fear not, because nothing ties a room together like sprinkling confetti absolutely everywhere.

    We recommend that you do the birthday boy or girl the favor of cleaning up as much of the confetti as you can after the party. Confetti usually winds up in so many places that it takes a while to completely eradicate from your home, and they might not have that much time left!

    Each package includes approximately ½ oz. of confetti.