Neon Pink Plastic Martini Glasses - 10

Over The Hill

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  • Neon Pink Plastic Martini Glasses
  • Cute and disposable
  • 10 glasses per pack
  • Hot facts
    Sip your cosmos in style with these Plastic Martini Glasses. The Plastic Martini Glasses are easy to clean up and won't break at your party.

    Item Description

    The Neon Pink Plastic Martini Glasses add some sophistication to the Over the Hill Party. They take any group of wild and crazy geezers and make them seem elegant and refined. However, the bright pink color also gives away your secret: you're not here to look classy, you just want to party.

    And party you shall. Yes, you shall have a night of worry-free partying, knowing that you won't be suffering the pain of cleaning up broken glass the next day—with a hangover. These martini glasses ensure that cleanup will be a breeze. They won't help with the hangover part, though.

    If you are serving chocolate or Kahlua-style drinks, I would suggest putting toothpicks through little chocolate eggs and using them to garnish your martini (a fresh take on olive garnished martinis). You could even use chocolate kisses; they're about the right size. Tasty AND classy!

    Each pack contains 10 neon pink plastic martini glasses.