Penis Water Gun

Over The Hill

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  • Realistic penis with wrinkles
  • 10 inches long, including balls
  • Push-button trigger
  • Small opening in tip
  • Hot facts
    The penis water gun will withstand repeated use. The shaft is about eight inches long and the balls/handle add another two inches of length. Fill valve at back of the shaft opens and closes easily. Not a sex toy.

    Item Description

    Does an Over the Hill party get crazy and then the penis water guns come out, or does it get crazy because the penis water guns get unholstered? Either way, what's a wild party without guests shooting each other with plastic dicks? No need for commentary when you're squirting someone in the eye with a penis gun. The act speaks for itself. So get ready for the good times. But buying only one penis water gun is just selfish. Buy at least two and have a swordfight… er, gunfight!