A Penis Pump

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This penis pump is inexpensive and a great way to let your old friend know he's just a little less virile than he used to be. Get it at OverTheHill.com, where we help you find perfect gifts for old friends.
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  • A Fully-Functional Penis Pump
  • At A Really Great Price

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    This penis pump actually works. I mean, don't ask me how I know. But TRUST ME. I may have seen it in action.

    Not that your old friend needs a working penis pump. It's just a gag gift, right? But if you're going to buy him one, you might as well make sure it works. He just might need it as he grows into limp dickhood. I mean, old age.

    This penis pump will pump his penis up temporarily. It might not make him into a porn star, but that's a good thing. The party might get a little too interesting if your birthday boy is running around with a giant dong!