Penis Gummies

Over The Hill

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  • Look like real penises
  • 6 oz. of candy in box
  • Assorted colors
  • Fruity flavors
  • Hot facts
    With a name like Peter Pecker's Penis Gummies, it has to be good. Featuring an erotic rainbow of fun and fruity flavors, these candies make a perfect snack at an Over the Hill party. You and your guests will never get tired of popping these delicious phalluses into your mouths.

    Item Description
    Look, my pet! Someone put some strange looking candy into the serving dish. Yes, dear, I see that. They look like your John Henry, only bigger! That joke gets older every day, but it will be repeated forever. Let your Over the Hill party guests have a shot at telling their own versions. Set out a nice bowl of Peter Pecker’s Penis Gummies and let the fun happen.