Old Man Glasses

Over The Hill

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  • Silly Gag Gift
  • Wrinkles and Bushy Eyebrows
  • One Size Fits All
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    Old Man Glasses are the perfect fashion accessory for a birthday boy who needs a little help looking as old as his new age!

    Item Description

    Not showing the signs of aging as much as your friends would expect, given how much aging you’ve been doing? First off, congratulations, you lucky dog! Count your blessings; some of us went bald before we were 30. But if you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid those telltale signs of aging, you can still look the part for your over the hill party with the help of the Old Man Glasses. These novelty glasses have a balding, wrinkly forehead and bushy grey eyebrows attached to them. Wear these at your party, and there’ll be no mistaking the fact that you’re an old coot!