Officially Retired Cubicle Decorating Kit

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  • Banners and Chair Decoration
  • Paper Crown and Greeting Card
  • Tons of Cut-Outs
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    The Officially Retired Cubicle Decorating Kit is loaded with cut-outs and other fun decorations to turn their cubicle into a party!

    Item Description

    What better way to help a coworker celebrate his or her upcoming retirement than by jazzing up their cubicle a bit before they leave it behind forever? The Officially Retired Cubicle Decorating Kit comes with:

    2 monitor frame corners

    Flag-style banner

    Normal-style banner

    Greeting card

    Chair back decoration

    Paper crown

    Letter cutouts to spell the retiree’s name

    Other assorted cardboard cutouts with fun pictures on them

    These various cardboard cutouts can be positioned around the retiree’s computer, desk, and cubicle to create a celebration zone that will make their last day of work even better than it already was!