Nose Hair Trimmers - For the Wildly Hairy

Over The Hill

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The Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer will keep your Over the Hill friend's nose and ears free from unsightly hair, and make them laugh. Get the best gifts at
Hot facts
  • A Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer
  • For hairy old friends

  • Item Description
    The Nose Hair Trimmer makes a wonderful gag gift for your Over the Hill friend. Giving the gift of a Nose Hair Trimmer says, "Hey, I noticed you've got an unbelievable amount of hair sprouting from your nose." What's great about giving this gift is that you never even have to utter these words. You just stand by and laugh.

    The Nose Hair Trimmer is a real Remington Nose Hair Trimmer. It works great on nose hairs and ear hairs. So when you give this to your Over the Hill friend, they'll actually be able to use it. That is, after they laugh it off, pretending it's a gag gift. We bet next time you see them they'll be nose and ear hair free.

    Takes 1 AA battery.