Atomic Clitoral Gel - Strong Arousal Gel

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Atomic Clitoral Gel is strong enough for the women who hasn't had sex in 10 years. Get it from your old friends at
Hot facts
  • System JO Clitoral Gel
  • The strongest formulation
  • Made by old women for old women

  • Item Description

    They say libido is the first thing to go. Or wait, was it eyesight? Joint mobility? The ability to bend over? The memory? Who knows.

    JO Atomic Clitoral Gel is the highest strength clitoral gel you can get, so it is ideal for women who have trouble with arousal or orgasm, which happens a lot as you get older. It was created by old women for old women, and is safe for use with condoms. This bottle contains up to 50 applications of clit gel.

    JO Clitoral Gel contains no l-arginine, but it does contain peppermint, which accounts for some of the warmth. It has a pleasant peppermint flavor and a nice, slippery feel. Apply it before sex or during foreplay with an elderly person for increased sensations.