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  • I've Never Bar Cards
  • 104 prompts
  • Takes the classic party game to a new level
  • Hot facts
    The I've Never Flash Card Game is easy and fun. Plan an awesome Over the Hill party with help from your old friends at OverTheHill.com.

    Item Description

    The I've Never Bar Cards are the perfect accessory to a wild, adult game of "I've Never." Have you ever played "I've Never" at a party? Guests take turns saying something they've never done. For example, "I've never had phone sex." The rest of the players must drink if they HAVE had phone sex.

    The I've Never Bar Cards make playing I've Never a lot simpler. These cards include great prompts, like "I've never done more than three drugs in one night," or "I've never had sex in another country." The I've Never Game gets your guests revealing crazy secrets and telling wild stories. Play it late in the night to find out everything about your old friends!

    104 cards. Can be played at any kind of party. Especially fun at an Over the Hill birthday party, where everyone is seasoned, shall we say.