Inflatable Sheep Doll - Ms. Eva The Ewe

Over The Hill

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  • About size of average dog
  • Includes hole in back
  • Inflate with mouth or foot pump (not incl.)
  • Deflates easily
  • Includes vinyl repair kit
  • Hot facts
    The box makes these completely inexplicable claims:
    * The “Original” Inflatable Party Sheep
    (Beware of imitations?)
    * She'll Bring Out the Love in You!
    (But not literally, right? Right?!)
    * Party up right with this popular and hilarious Party Sheep that will bring fun to that special occasion
    (Partying up right must be very different than partying down)

    Item Description

    Either you will see Ms. Eva The Ewe as good old-fashioned snickery fun, or you will be horrified and move on quickly. Since you're still reading, let's assume you're type 1. So let's be clear here. Despite the hole in her vinyl rear, Ms. Eva isn't really a sex toy. She's a blowup doll that simulates the look of a sheep-shaped sex toy. And while the manufacturer claims that she is "safe and washable," they’re talking about the outside. Just the outside. So buy Ms. Eva for an Over the Hill party and then avoid anyone who seems just a little too interested in her.