Inflatable Jumbo Cane

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  • 43" Long
  • Easy to Inflate
  • Good for Whacking
  • Hot facts
    The Inflatable Jumbo Cane is a hilarious and practical gag gift - if anyone makes fun of your age, you can beat them with your cane!

    Item Description

    Now that the birthday boy or birthday girl is getting up there in years, they’re going to need a cane to help them get around. Of course, their eyesight is going to go bad too, so you’ll want to make sure it’s a very big cane so they can’t lose it. That’s why this Inflatable Jumbo Cane is the perfect gift! It even comes labeled with the dire warning: “Tease me about my age and I’ll beat you with my cane!” You know, in case their memory is going bad too, and they forget that they’re supposed to be a crotchety old person now.

    The Inflatable Jumbo Cane stands 43” (109.2 cm) tall when fully inflated.