Glittery Silver 40 Candles

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  • 2 Candles
  • Vibrant and Glittery
  • Long-Burning
  • Hot facts
    These Glittery Silver Birthday Candles will make the birthday boy or girl’s 40th birthday cake sparkle and shine just like them!

    Item Description
    Add a little class and fun to that birthday cake with the Glittery Silver 40 Candles! Putting one candle per year on a birthday cake is a fun tradition, but we don’t recommend putting 40 individual candles on one cake - that sounds like a fire hazard waiting to happen! Instead, you can take the shortcut of using just two candles - a giant ‘4’ and a giant ‘0’ - and everyone will still get the picture. They look a lot better than a huge disorganized mass of those cheap little generic candles would, too!