Geezer Gums

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  • Custom-mold thermoplastic
  • Instructions included
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Hot facts
    Geezer Gums are a pair of fake gums that can be custom-fitted into the birthday boy or girl's mouth to further the image that they're an old geezer!

    Item Description

    Gag gifts are always hilarious and any one is a welcome addition to any Over the Hill party, but in our opinion, the best gag gifts are gifts that aren’t just funny, but also practical. Like these Geezer Gums, for example. Sure, everyone will laugh at the birthday boy or girl trying to talk with these things in their mouth. But they also serve the useful purpose of showing the wearer what it’s actually going to be like for them eventually when all their teeth fall out - and that may be a lot sooner than they think, now that they’re getting up there in the years!

    One size fits all. Comes with moldable thermoplastic for a custom fit.