The Facilitator - A Great Gag or a Big Help

Over The Hill

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  • Soft latex is gentle to the touch
  • Easy to operate multi-speed vibrator
  • Comfortable hip-hugging harness
  • Notched to fit over natural anatomy
  • Hot facts
    The vibrating Facilitator is designed for men who have difficulty maintaining an erection. Bypassing the real penis, it allows a man to perform intercourse in a conventional fashion, with the extra benefit of variable vibration. This is a quality-made item that can withstand repeated use, as long as it is cleaned and maintained regularly.

    Item Description
    How far would you go for an Over the Hill joke? Would you buy the old guy a realistic strap-on penis for him to open in front of the crowd? Congratulations, we've got the perfect one. This is the real thing (well, the real fake thing), not a toy that will come apart the first time you touch it. Anyone who uses it can actually mount a woman like a fierce Mongol warrior, or like a mild-mannered Long Island accountant whose penis still gets erect. The wearer will have the satisfaction of knowing that he (or she) is pleasuring the woman in a conventional in and out format. Plus it offers battery-powered vibration, which is unavailable on most real penises. Want to make a real statement with your Over the Hill gift, or help a guy who's having his problems? Buy him The Facilitator. He'll love or hate you for it. Uses 2 AA batteries, not included. Product contains natural rubber latex.