Captain Pecker - Inflatable 6 ft Penis

Over The Hill

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  • Instantly recognizable
  • Inflates to 5 ft 8 in. length
  • Withstands reasonable punishment
  • Deflate and use again
  • Hot facts
    While it is not a water toy or a bop-em punching target, Captain Pecker is relatively water resistant and will stand up to a reasonable amount of abuse. Blow him up, toss him around, and enjoy the reactions. No one will mistake it for a inflatable dinosaur toy.

    Item Description

    The technical name is Captain Pecker, The Party Wrecker, but that would need to be one uptight party for this inflatable penis to cause trouble. Captain Pecker is the star of many bachelorette parties, football games, homecoming parades, and many other gatherings where people are trying to have fun. An Over the Hill party is the perfect occasion for a guest appearance from Captain Pecker. Blow him up to his full 6-ft length (actually a few inches less) and toss him around. Anyone who touches it or laughs automatically proves that he or she likes penis!