How to Make X-Rated Shots

Over The Hill

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  • 50 shot/drink recipes
  • All with racy names
  • Complete ingredients
  • Fun photos
  • Hot facts
    There's a lot of ceremony that goes with sophisticated drinking, ceremony that goes by the boards when you're hunched over a toilet. But until the alcohol takes its toll, show your guests your elevated taste levels by pouring them shots with ridiculously sexy names.

    Item Description

    Do you know the difference between a Blow Job and a Cunnilingus? Until you do, your friends will be keeping a close eye on you. Use that time to study the instructions on how to make 50 shots and drinks with such impressively X-rated titles as Angel's Tit, G-Spot, and Hialeah Hooker. Naturally you'll also learn the old standbys like Buttery Nipple, Sex on the Beach, and Orgasm. Be the life of the next Over the Hill party, or give this book as a gift.