Black Cutlery

Over The Hill

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  • 24 pieces total
  • Spoons, forks and knives
  • Plastic and disposable
  • Hot facts
    Black party supplies like this Black Cutlery set are a classy and affordable option that will be right at home at any Over the Hill party!

    Item Description

    If you want party supplies without a lot of frills, or perhaps you don’t want to call extra attention to the celebrant’s age, we think you can’t go wrong with solid black-colored supplies. Black is classy, works well with any other color decoration you might have, and never goes out of style. Nevermind that it’s also the color of death - we’re sure that’s just a coincidence!

    This package includes 24 pieces of assorted reusable black plastic cutlery - 8 each of knives, forks and spoons.