Bacon Lube - A Personal Lubricant that Tastes Like Bacon

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The Wet Boink N Oink Bacon Personal Lubricant combines two of his favorite things: bacon and sex. Get it at, where we have the best gag gifts.
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  • Boink N' Oink Bacon Lube
  • A bacon flavored personal lubricant
  • Sweet and smokey

  • Item Description

    Well, well, well. What do we have here? It seems that some brave company has finally stepped up to the challenge—the challenge of making a bacon version of every existing product in the world. Bacon gum balls, bacon vodka, bacon cupcakes, bacon mayo ... They're all out there. We thought sex toys and accessories might be safe from the bacon explosion. Then we received a shipment of Bacon Lube.

    That's right, folks. Wet Boink N' Oink Bacon Lube is an edible personal lubricant that will make genitals taste like bacon.

    Bacon Personal Lubricant makes a great gift for the foodie or bacon lover in your life. We all know at least 20 of these people. You may buy it as a gag gift, but you know they'll taste it. Bacon, in all forms, is irresistible.

    4.6 ounces/ 130g.