Anal Bleach - For the Old Butthole

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Clean Stream Anal Bleach brightens your anus with vitamin C. Get the craziest gifts for your old friends at
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  • Anal Bleach
  • With aloe and Vitamin C
  • 6 ounces

  • Item Description

    Anal bleaching has been a big trend for years now. Well, a big trend that no one talks about.

    People lighten their anuses for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason is that the anal area darkens with age. Darker = browner. And unfortunately, brown is the color of poop. You can see how this might get confusing for an onlooker.

    Your old friend has probably never given the color of their anus a second thought. Give them one more thing to worry about when you gift them with anal bleach.

    6 ounces/ 170 grams.