60th Birthday Gem Tiara

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The 60th Birthday Gem Tiara will make the birthday girl feel like a 60 year old princess. Find birthday accessories like these here at OverTheHill.com.
Hot facts
  • 60th Birthday Gem Tiara
  • Silver and sparkling
  • Comes in a high quality box for storage

  • Item Description

    Want to let the birthday girl know that her beauty is ageless? You might think that this 60th Birthday Gem Tiara isn’t a great way to do that, since it clearly displays her age in large sparkling numbers, but actually, that’s exactly why it’s perfect. She’ll stun partygoers and passerby alike with this elegant tiara sitting on her head, proudly proclaiming, “Yes, I am 60 years old, and I still look like a princess!”

    This high-quality tiara is covered in shining silver gemstones and features an elegant curving design that accentuates the number “60” to make it a badge of pride and glamour. It also comes in a black box that says “Happy Birthday” on the inside of the lid, so the birthday girl can easily store it and fondly remember the wonderful time you had whenever she feels like putting it on and feeling like a princess again.

    One 60th Birthday Tiara.