The "Would You Rather" Game

Executive Summary
“Would You Rather” is a classic game played at all kinds of parties. This version of the game was made especially for a memorable Over the Hill party.

Quick Facts
  • Would You Rather...? Game
  • A silly game to play at an Over the Hill bash

Page Description
“Would You Rather” is a classic game played at all kinds of parties. It’s not the kind of game you can ever win or lose, but everyone who plays is always guaranteed one thing: they’re going to laugh. It’s played by presenting two options and asking everyone else which they would rather do. This opens the floor for all kinds of wacky hypothetical scenarios, from “Would you rather skydive over a volcano or dive to the bottom of a shark-infested sea?” to “Who would you rather sleep with: Abe Lincoln or George Washington?” But the game is always best when you tailor the questions to the particular party. When you’re playing this game at your friend’s birthday party, encourage everyone to ask questions related to getting older. Here are some examples to get you started:

-Would you rather go grey or go bald?

-Would you rather have ED (or lose your sex drive, for the ladies) or lose a foot to diabetes?

-Would you rather have to wear adult diapers or a colostomy bag?

-Would you rather lose your hearing or your sight?

-Would you rather lose your short term or long term memory?

-Would you rather only drink prune juice for the rest of your life, or only eat bran flakes?

-Would you rather be perpetually constipated or incontinent?

-Would you rather have to move into a retirement home or back in with your kids?

-Would you rather be viewed as the crotchety old person who yells at kids or the weird, reclusive shut-in?