Over The Hill Scavenger Hunt List

Are you looking for a fun Over The Hill party activity? How about an Over The Hill scavenger hunt. In case you don't know what a scavenger hunt is, it is a contest where you break your crowd into groups and then send them off to find a list of items. Typically, there is a 2-3 hour time limit. Teams are sent off and required to report back to a finish destination with their loot.

Usually, the party planner acts as the scorekeeper and judge, but other than printing out a list a items the teams need to find, and answering questions about the list, your task is fairly easy.

To make sure the Over The Hill scavenger hunt is the most fun, you should make sure no one is drinking and driving. You can also choose the teams randomly if you want your party to be more of a mixer. Be sure to ensure each team has a driver and car. Perhaps you appoint the drivers as the team captain and then have each captain choose names from a hat. Either way, you'll have fun and there will be lots of surprises.

OverTheHill.com's Scavenger Hunt
Team Name: ______________________
Item Points
Example Item 5 points
An adult diaper 5
Hemorrhoid cream 5
Cereal with more than 5g of fiber per serving 5
Denture cleaner 5
Pill box 5
A walker or cane 5
A viagra pill 5
An eyeglass chain 5
Metamucil 5
Reading glasses 5
A roll of Tums 5
Centrum Silver or Geritol pill 5
Prilosec or Imodium AD 5
A splint or brace 5
Box of prunes 5
Velcro Shoes - Adult Size 10
Support Stockings 10
A large-print crossword book 10
AARP card 10
Keys to a White Cadillac 10
Plaid pants 10
Granny Pantis - White - Queen Size 10
Suspenders 10
Brylcream 10
8-Track tape 20
High school yearbook prior to class of 1958 20
A "Happy 100th Birtday" Card 20
Sock Garters 20
A brochure from a senior living facility 20

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