Over The Hill Party Idea - A Road Rally

Are you looking for a fun Over The Hill party activity? How about an Over The Hill Road Rally. In case you don't know what a Road Rally is, it is a contest where you break your crowd into groups and then send each group off in a car to take photographs of themselves doing stupid things. Typically, there is a 2-3 hour time limit. Teams are sent off and required to report back to a finish destination with photographic evidence (via camera phone) of their conquests.

Usually, the party planner acts as the scorekeeper and judge, but other than printing out a list a items the teams need to find, and answering questions about the list, your task is fairly easy.

To make sure the Over The Hill Road Rally is the most fun, you should make sure no one is drinking and driving. You can also choose the teams randomly if you want your party to be more of a mixer. Be sure to ensure each team has a driver and car. Perhaps you appoint the drivers as the team captain and then have each captain choose names from a hat. Either way, you'll have fun and there will be lots of surprises.

OverTheHill.com's Road Rally List
Team Name: ______________________
How to: Earn points by taking your picture in front of or doing these:
Item Points
Example Item 5 points
Outside and old folks home 5
With a war statue 5
In a Graveyard 5
House with pink flamingos 10
At the bar 5
- Doing shots +5
- Doing body shots +5
- off of someone under 30 +10
- off of someone over 70 +20
With Elvis or Marilyn Monroe 5
With a pre-1960 hot rod 5
Buying Depends 5
How many prunes can a team member fit in his/her mouth? 1 pt. per prune
At your high school 5
- peeing on the wall +10
With a police officer 5
- Eating a donut +5
- Getting arrested +5
Doing a burnout 5
- in a minivan +5
With your parents 5
- eating food your Mom made +5
- drinking milk from their fridge out of the carton +10
With your kids 5
- doing something you tell them to never do. +5
Eating slices of pizza 1 pt. for each team member eating.
At Walmart with the greeter. 5
With a restaurant statue 5
Bonus points for getting into another team's photo 10
Penalty points for being seen in 2 team's photos. -20

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