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Turning 30 might seem like a gas;
You’re a real adult now! But alas,
Don’t celebrate just yet:
You’re likely still in debt
And I bet your boss thinks you’re an ass!

By 40, you’ve had your share of vices.
You’ve had fun times, and you’ve paid the prices.
But you shouldn’t feel glum
‘Cause the worst’s yet to come:
Just wait ‘til you hit your mid-life crisis!

Who says that from now on it’s downhill?
50 year olds can still have a thrill!
You can still cut a rug
With a mean jitterbug
As long as you don’t forget your pills!

When you turn 60 things might seem dire.
All your body parts start to misfire.
But just take it in stride
And look on the bright side:
Only five more years ‘til you retire!

Some may tell you that 70’s old;
That you’re crusty and covered in mold.
But just hike up those pants,
Prove them wrong, do a dance,
And show off all those teeth made of gold!

80 years have now come and they’ve gone,
And yet somehow you’re still going strong!
You can still walk outside
And shout it out with pride:
“You damn kids! Get the hell off my lawn!”

At 90 you might be a tad slow.
Your grandkids might even tell you so.
But you’re still fighting death,
So take in a deep breath
And tell those little punks where to go!