How to Throw An Old Folks Party

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Can’t think of a good way to celebrate the fact that your friend or loved one is getting older? The Old Folks Party is a silly, fun party idea from

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  • The Old Folks Party
  • Celebrate with high waist pants, Velcro shoes and soft foods

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Can’t think of a good way to celebrate the fact that your friend or loved one is getting older? What better way than to just point it out to them (although they probably already know)? Throwing an “old folks”-themed party is a great way to celebrate all the years they’ve lived and appreciate the many years they have left before they’re really “old.” Basically, the idea of this party is to do everything that old people do - here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Costumes: Tell all the guests to dress up like old people. You can have them dress up like generic old people from any era, or dress like people who would be old today used to dress. For ideas about how people from different decades dressed, check out our pages on how to throw an era party.

Decorations: Try to make the party room feel as much like an old folks’ home as possible. move potted plants and old paintings into the room. Do away with any new-fangled technology in the room, or choose a room that doesn’t have any to begin with. If you can somehow acquire things like bedpans and wheelchairs, those are a nice added touch, but don’t do anything illegal for the sake of your party.

Food: Have everyone bring a food dish that they think is a typical “old people” food. It should be something that not-so-old people eat, too - nothing like mushed up meat and vegetable smoothies, please - but make sure it’s something that old people could eat. Soft and bland foods will work the best.

Activities: Games like chess and shuffleboard are characteristic of old people, but they might not hold your guests’ attention for very long. You could instead organize an arts and crafts project, take turns telling stories, or put on a nice family movie that will warm everyone’s heart.

Music: Check out our playlists for 60 and 70 year olds for some ideas for popular old-timey music to play in the background of the party.