How to Throw a Memory Jar Party

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Throw a Memory Jar Party for your favorite Over the Hill birthday boy or girl. This is a sweet birthday idea that will have everyone walking down memory lane.

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If your birthday boy or girl is a little too old for traditional birthday presents (and probably too old to be called a “boy” or “girl”) but you and the other guests still want to get him or her something to show that you care, the memory jar is a great way to do that. It’s especially good if the recipient is getting to that age where it seems like they need help remembering more and more! But the memory jar is far from being just for the elderly; it’s a great way to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a birthday “boy” or “girl” of any age.

So how do you make a memory jar? Well, it doesn’t have to be an actual jar, necessarily. Have each guest bring some sort of storage container that the birthday person will enjoy or be able to get some use out of. It can be anything from a toolbox to a golf bag to a purse to a flower vase. It doesn’t have to be especially fancy or expensive; after all, the point of the gift is what’s inside the container. Each guest should write a couple of fond memories they have with the birthday person on slips of paper and put them in the container. They can also include small trinkets with strong memories attached to them. Even if a guest hasn’t known the birthday person very long, they should try to think of at least one good memory to write down and share. When the birthday person opens the memory jar, all of you can look back and reminisce about all the great times you’ve had together over the years. Isn’t that better than any silly little birthday present you could get them?