Fun 40th Birthday Party Idea - The 40 Things Party

40th birthday party ideas are a free service here at because we want you to plan a really fun 40th birthday party. Here is a great idea for a 40th birthday party for your friend, family member or spouse.

How about a “40 Things” party? This is a party where guests are encouraged to bring 40 of something. You can be nice and say that the 40 things each represent a great year, or you can be silly and suggest that you wanted the birthday boy to see just how many years have gone by.

If guests are wondering what to bring, you can send them to this page. Here is our list of ideas for what you could bring.

Donate $40 to their charity of choice
40 chocolate covered pretzels
40 seeds for flowers, vegetables, or something fun to grow
40 crayons, colored pencils, or markers and a sketch book
40 helium balloons
40 marbles
40 cans of their favorite soda
40 snack size bags of chips
40 noisemakers
40 friends
40 drink umbrellas
40 firecrackers
40 thousand dollars in play money
40 flowers
40 barbecue ribs
40 slices of pizza (or one pizza cut into 40 slices)
40 cupcakes
40 oz. of booze (beer and malt liquor come in 40 oz. bottles)
40 chocolates
40 bottles of wine
40 golf balls
40 hors duerves
40 donut holes
40 cookies
40 chips
40 cookies
40 candles for a cake
40 old photos
40 of their favorite shows
40 songs from your youth
40 minutes in a massage gift certificate
40 hamburgers
40 candy bars or packs of gum
40 pennies, 40 nickels, 40 dimes, 40 quarters?
40 vitamins
40 pieces of sushi (for the adventurous eater)
40 pigs in a blanket (for the not-so-much)
40 Dollars. You can throw them in the air and “make it rain!”
40 rice crispy treats
40 tacos
40 Oreo cookies (and a gallon of milk)
40 Jello shots
40 quotes about getting old
40 things you know about the birthday person (good, funny, and great)
40 items from the dollar store
40 hemorrhoidal suppositories
40 eggs
40 crackers and some cheese
40 lime slices and a case of corona
40 old jokes
40 new jokes
40 bad jokes
40 dirty jokes
40 toasts
40 knock-knock jokes (ugh!)
A puzzle with 40 pieces
40 grapes