Retirement Parking Permit

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  • Colorful and Vibrant
  • Durable Cardboard
  • Easy to Hang
  • Hot facts
    The Retirement Parking Permit is a silly gag gift that any retiree will appreciate - especially if it applies at the office!

    Item Description

    Now that your friend is retiring, it’s about time they started to enjoy some perks in return for their years of service. Like parking, for example. Somehow, it seems like they always wound up with the farthest parking spot, even though they’ve been at the company the longest. Now that’s not fair! They deserve to park wherever they want. Even in a handicap spot. Even on the sidewalk. Even with their car halfway through the front door of the business. ANYWHERE. They’ve earned it. And the Retirement Parking Permit will help enforce that they deserve it.

    Okay, we can’t promise that any parking lot will actually recognize the authority of this parking permit (in fact, most definitely won’t), but we can promise that it will be a hilarious gag gift to give them at their retirement party!