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The Stick On Age Set from lets you create various decorations that are customizable to wish the birthday boy or girl Happy Birthday, no matter how old they're turning!
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  • Stick On Age Set
  • Comes with one banner, one sign, one centerpiece, and 48 stickers
  • Customize your Happy Birthday message

  • Item Description

    Congratulations, and Happy 3006th Birthday!

    Wait, what? That can’t be right. I guess this is what we get for letting the birthday boy make the button himself... Well, I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that. When you get to be his age, you can be any age you want to be - or at least claim to be!

    The Stick On Age Set comes with a letter banner, sign, and centerpiece, all of which feature pictures of colorful balloons and the words “Happy Birthday.” There’s space on each to use some of the included stickers to fill in the right number of birthday - or a wrong one, if you so choose! It comes with several sheets of stickers, which allow you to make any number you could (or couldn’t) be turning, along with all the possible suffixes (st, nd, rd, th) to make it grammatically correct. It also comes with six additional cardboard cutouts for added decoration. No matter how old the birthday boy or girl is turning, and no matter whether they want to reveal the true answer to that or not, this kit has them covered!

    Comes with one letter banner, one Happy Birthday age sign, one centerpiece, 6 decorative cut-outs, and 48 stickers.