Party Pooper Emoji Candle

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This Party Pooper Emoji Candle is perfect for party poopers of any age, who view another celebration of getting older as "Meh!"
Hot facts
  • One Candle
  • Vibrantly Printed
  • Unimpressed Emoji Face

  • Item Description

    Throwing a birthday party for a notorious party pooper can be a bit of a chore. But it’s a chore worth undertaking; they only pass this milestone birthday once, after all! Luckily, we’ve got a little something that might make it a little easier: a candle that’s every bit as excited about the party as they are.

    The Party Pooper Emoji Candle says “Meh.” in big black letters and displays an emoji face with an expression to match. Even the staunchest of party poopers won’t be able to help but crack a smile at this candle made just for them. They’re still not going to be happy that you threw this big party and baked them a birthday cake, but at least they’ll have an unimpressed wax companion to share their misery with.