Lit AF Party Candle

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The Lit AF Party Candle is the perfect cake-topper for an over-the-hill partier who still likes to get Lit AF - if they even know what that means!
Hot facts
  • One Candle
  • Vibrantly Printed
  • Fire Emoji

  • Item Description
    You may be older than ever before, but what better way to celebrate how young you still feel at heart than with the slang used by actual young people? We have it on good authority that the fire symbol on this candle means “Lit” and the #AF means “As F***.” So the candle, overall, says “Lit As F***.” And we’ve been assured that that’s a good thing. We don’t really get it, and you probably won’t either, but hey, who said we actually have to understand what those kids are saying? You just have to put on the appearance of being hip to all this new slang, and no one will question that you’ve still got some pep in your step! Oops, I almost slipped back into some older slang there. I mean, no one will question that you’re Lit #AF!