Happy Birthday Sunglasses

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    Happy Birthday Sunglasses are the perfect way to add a little festive cheer to the ensemble of the birthday boy or birthday girl!

    Item Description

    Ah, remember back when you were in college and you would wear sunglasses to class to cover up how violently hungover you were? Good times. Those days may be long behind you, but now you’ve got more reasons than ever to wear sunglasses indoors. The side effects of your heart medication that make you more sensitive to light. The fact that you’re almost totally blind in one eye. The fact that you fall asleep periodically in the middle of conversations. Or the fact that you can just pretend to be asleep behind them, so you don’t have to deal with anyone’s shit any more! Whatever you need an excuse for, wearing sunglasses indoors is sure to help you out, and these Happy Birthday Sunglasses are the perfect way to do it in style on your special day.