Boobs Cake Pan

Over The Hill

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  • Reusable metal pan
  • Makes large but realistic boob cakes
  • 10 inches wide, 5 in. tall, 2.5 in. deep
  • Includes nipple indentations
  • Hot facts
    Baking authentic-looking boob cakes takes the right material: a cake pan with the correct proportions, cake mix with the proper color and consistency, and icing that highlights the headlights. Once you have the right cake pan, the rest will come easily.

    Item Description

    Every guy wants boobs and cake so why not put the two together? Bake a delicious Boobs Cake for the next Over the Hill party you host or attend. This cake pan ensures success so that you produce realistic breasteses complete with nipples and areolas. Just add some creative icing and you'll get the kind of oohs and aahs your ordinary cakes don’t inspire.