Pink Diamond 60 Goblet

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The Pink Diamond 60 Goblet from is a magnificent chalice that your newly-60-year-old friend will love drinking out of, at the party and beyond!
Hot facts
  • Pink Diamond 60 Goblet
  • Holds more than 20 ounces of liquid
  • Features the number 60 in glittery silver gemstones

  • Item Description

    Most birthday parties serve some sort of beverage, and most beverages need some sort of container to hold them. So, here you find yourself, searching across the land for a receptacle that’s up to the task. Paper cups will do just fine for the commoner rabble that is the party guests, but heaven forbid you serve the birthday girl herself in such meager fashion. One who has attained her venerable station in life deserves a mighty chalice, worthy of someone who has walked the earth as long and attained as much wisdom as she has. She deserves to sip his sustenance from the Pink Diamond 60 Goblet.

    The Pink Diamond 60 Goblet is a truly impressive vessel, standing 7.5 inches tall and measuring 4.75 inches across. It can fit well over 20 ounces of liquid inside it, ensuring that the birthday girl won’t have to get up and walk over to the beverage table as frequently - we know that’s getting harder and harder for her these days! It’s also studded all around with shining silver gemstones, and features the number 60 displayed prominently on the front. All who gaze upon it are sure to be impressed by its regal magnificence, and the infinite experience of the wizened old woman who holds it. Long may she reign, and long may she party!