Colorful 60th Birthday Confetti

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  • Fun and shiny shapes
  • Happy Birthday messages
  • 1.2 oz
  • Hot facts
    Colorful birthday decorations like this confetti will help you throw a bright and colorful 60th birthday celebration that everyone will enjoy!

    Item Description

    With an array of bright colors and fun designs, the Colorful Party Decorations are reminiscent of the birthday parties of our childhoods, making them a fantastic choice for any birthday party for someone who’s still a kid at heart! Best of all, there’s a wide variety of matching items available here at, so you get all your decorations and supplies together with a cohesive theme to throw the best over the hill birthday party ever!

    You know what’s really annoying? Confetti. You know what else is really annoying? Getting old. So, naturally, they’re a perfect fit for each other, don’t you think? This Colorful 60th Birthday Confetti is a fun and bright assortment of colorful shapes, the number 60, and larger pieces with celebratory messages like “Party!” and “Cheers!” The birthday boy or girl is sure to love this festive decoration, but please at least do them the favor of helping them clean it up - confetti takes a long time to clean out of your house, and they might not have that much time left!

    Net weight 1.2 oz (34 g)