60th Birthday Tankard

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  • Durable Glass
  • Fun Design
  • Holds 15 oz
  • Hot facts
    The 60th Birthday Tankard is a big and sturdy glass tankard fit for a 60-year-old king or queen to drink out of!

    Item Description

    The older you get, the more you start to appreciate the finer things in life, and the less tolerance you have for subpar quality. For someone turning 60, drinking their beverage of choice out of a red plastic solo cup just isn’t up to snuff any more. Disposable plastic cups were fine when you were drinking cheap beer and bottom-shelf vodka, but you’ve made it in life now - you drink a finer caliber of spirits, and they deserve a finer caliber of vessel.

    That’s why we recommend that the birthday boy or girl drink their chosen beverage out of the 60th Birthday Tankard. This sturdy glass mug has a nice heft to it, and a fun and colorful design on the front that reads “Cheers to 60 years!” That’s way, way classier than writing your name on a solo cup in sharpie, and the birthday boy or girl is old enough now to definitely appreciate the distinction.

    Tankard holds approximately 15 oz (443 mL) of liquid.