Over the Hill Utility Hat

Over The Hill

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  • One Size Fits Most
  • Covered with Gag Gifts
  • Hilarious
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    The Over the Hill Utility Hat is a gag gift that comes with a whole bunch of smaller gag gifts attached to it for endless fun at the birthday party!

    Item Description

    You’ve probably heard of Batman’s utility belt, full of all kinds of useful gadgets he might need while he’s out fighting crime. Well, when you get to a certain age, belts just don’t fit like they used to. That’s why we recommend the Over the Hill Utility Hat instead. It’s loaded with all kinds of things an old person might need on a moment’s notice, like:

    Nu Hair Restoration Formula

    Wrinkle Cream

    Oil of Old Age

    Milk of Amnesia

    Reminders to take your meds

    Warnings for everyone around you

    With all of that at your disposal, you might not be able to fight crime without throwing out your back, but you should be prepared for most other situations!

    Disclaimer: All of the boxes and tubes attached to this hat are empty, and do not contain any substances, let alone substances with medicinal properties. This is a gag gift for novelty purposes only.