Over the Hill First Aid Kit

Over The Hill

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  • Soap and hair dye
  • Nail file and wrinkle remover
  • Anti-old pills
  • Hot facts
    The Over the Hill First Aid Kit contains everything you need to soothe the aches and pains of old age (not really, though).

    Item Description

    The Over the Hill First Aid Kit comes with everything that your aging friend might need to overcome their various aches and pains (and believe me, they’re going to be having a lot of aches and pains). It includes:

    Old Age Soap

    Gray Away Hair Dye

    Anti-Old Pills

    Nail File

    Wrinkle Remover

    What, were you expecting bandaids and gauze, or something like that? Nah. This first aid kit has only the essentials for dealing with the REAL troubles that old folks are most likely to face.

    Disclaimer: All of the boxes and tubes inside this kit are empty, and do not contain any substances, let alone substances with medicinal properties. This is a gag gift for novelty purposes only.