Old Zone Barricade

Over The Hill

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  • 37" Tall Barricade
  • 21" Tall Cone
  • Easy to Inflate
  • Hot facts
    The Old Zone Barricade is a two-piece inflatable decoration kit that's sure to add some festive cheer and laughs to your over the hill party!

    Item Description

    The Old Zone Barricade is 50% party decoration, 50% gag gift, and 100% a hilarious addition to any Over the Hill party. This inflatable decoration looks like the kind of barricade they use in construction zones, but it says “Caution: Old Zone!” and “Senior Moment Alert” and other funny phrases to let the guests know that it isn’t road construction that they should watch out for, it’s the nearly-senile guest of honor! It even comes with an inflatable traffic cone, so you can set up an even wider perimeter of elderly caution.

    The inflatable barricade stands 37 inches (93.9 cm) tall when inflated, and the traffic cone stands 21 inches (53.3 cm) tall when inflated. A repair patch for leaks is included.