Old Age Survival Chain

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  • Anti-Aging Pills and Spare Teeth
  • Arth-Riddance Lubricant
  • Fart Alarm and Warning Tag
  • Hot facts
    The Old Age Survival Chain is a handy necklace full of items that any man or woman of a certain age will find useful as their faculties begin to leave them!

    Item Description

    The classic old age survival kit is now more convenient and portable than ever! It can be difficult to remember to bring all your emergency essentials with you everywhere you go, what with your memory these days, but now it’s as easy as putting on a necklace and going about your day worry-free! The Old Age Survival Chain includes:

    Fart Alarm Whistle

    Arth-Riddance Old Age Lubricant

    Caution: Old Zone Warning Tag

    Old 2 Day Anti-Aging Pills

    Spare Parts Teeth

    With an arsenal like that at your disposal, you’ll be ready to take on whatever comes your way - as long as it’s not moving too fast for your old eyes to keep up with!

    Disclaimer: All of the bottles and tubes attached to this necklace are empty, and do not contain any substances, let alone substances with medicinal properties. This is a gag gift for novelty purposes only.