Mid Life Crisis Caution Tape

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  • Brightly colored
  • 45 ft long
  • 3" tall
  • Hot facts
    Mid Life Crisis Caution Tape is the perfect decoration for the outside of your party to warn party guests what they're getting into!

    Item Description

    Looking for party decorations that double as a way to poke fun at the guest of honor? Then this roll of Mid Life Crisis Caution Tape is perfect! With a striking contrast of black on yellow, from far away it looks exactly like the caution tape police use at crime scenes. But give it a closer look, and you’ll see what’s written on it: “Mid-Life Crisis Zone!” The birthday boy or girl is sure to get a kick out of that, and you’ll want to warn the party guests what they’re getting themselves into!

    One 45 foot long roll of caution tape. Tape is 3 inches wide.