Old Lady Survival Kit

Over The Hill

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  • Wrinkle Cream and Old Man Repellent
  • Driver Car Tag and Lost Button
  • Spare Underwear and a Magic Pill
  • Hot facts
    The Old Lady Survival Kit is a collection of hilarious and useful gag gifts assembled especially for women of a certain age!

    Item Description

    Ladies, don’t you hate how many products claim to be unisex, but are only really designed with men in mind? Like Over the Hill Survival Kits, for example. What are you supposed to do with all that hair regrowth cream or erection pills, hmm? Enough of that, it’s about time you had your own survival kit, one specifically designed to address the challenges faced by women of a certain age. The Old Lady Survival Kit includes:

    Spare Underwear for Unexpected Accidents

    Old Man Repellent

    If Lost, Return to… Button

    Magic Wrinkle Cream

    Old Lady Driver Car Tag

    “Magic Pill”

    What exactly is the “magic pill?” Great question. Only one way to find out!

    Disclaimer: All of the containers in this kit are empty, and do not contain any actual underwear, repellant, cream, or medicine. This is a gag gift for novelty purposes only.