Nude Male Playing Cards

Over The Hill

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  • 54 cards
  • Different men on each card
  • Full frontal nudity
  • Hot facts
    Any card game cliche you can think of becomes suggestive when you are holding a hand full of cards with hung hunks showing their stuff. Perfect for Over the Hill parties, or any occasion where you want to make people blush, stammer or get turned on.

    Item Description

    What possible excuse could you have for whipping out a deck of nude dude playing cards at an Over the Hill party? What are you, some kind of stuck in the box, non-paradigm-shifting conventional person who can't imagine new possibilities? Break free and smell the oil-glistened six- and eight-backs these hunks are sporting. And the penises? Don't even get us started. So when the occasion is adults only, crack open a fresh deck of Nude male playing cards and start drawing to those inside straights. At least we’re assuming they’re straight.