Biggest Pervert Drinking Game

Over The Hill

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  • Drinking game with easy rules
  • Adult fun
  • For 2-100 players
  • Includes 107 game cards and 1 rule card
  • Hot facts
    Why would anyone admit he's a big pervert? To win a game, of course! Each player takes turns asking the group questions from a game card. Typical questions include, "Have you ever talked dirty to yourself while masturbating?" and "Have you ever used someone else's name during a one-night stand?" You admit your perversion by taking a drink. If no one drinks, the player drawing the card/asking the question takes two drinks.

    Item Description

    Drinking games haven't disappeared, they've just become harder to plan. Kids birthday parties and Christmas get-togethers are hardly "let’s get hammered" occasions. But an Over the Hill party is a great time to think up excuses to do shots and blow snot bubbles as you crack each other up. Let "Who is the Biggest Pervert?" start the kind of fun you haven't had in a long time. The rules are so simple even a drunk can understand them and players can fall out and enter the game without disrupting the flow of fun.